Thursday, March 24, 2011

SXSW, UI, and other important acronyms

On this week's show with Georgia, Keren and Byte n00b Kent Humphries (we reckon he did ok!) we discussed the following bits and pieces...

- Could Australia’s NBN be blacked out like Egypt and Libya? Unlikely, says the Internet Society of Australia

- iPad 2 out soon in Australia (Apple confirms availability in spite of US shortages), and ViewPad10 Android tablet in-stores in Harvey Norman in Oz

- Amazon launches its ‘Amazon Appstore for Android’ (US only). Apple sues them for using ‘app store’ trademark

- Firefox 4 Released - even more tab manipulations (video overview) with panorama, app tabs! Using download statistics tool we watched it click over 5,000,000 downloads during the show

- Vimeo launched the Vimeo Video School recently, adding an education/training service to its platform. It’s been up for 2-3 months, so it’s now got a bit of momentum and some great tutorials and almost 1000 user-contributed tutorial videos

- Twitter turned five this week. Gizmodo says: Twitter, you are incredible and horrendous

- Facebook is booting 20,000 under-age users OFF every day

- Homophobic Exodus International iPhone app has been removed from the App Store 
Check out the podcast for the full experience, including Keren's report on SXSW and a chat with Guy Walshe, a local user interface designer working on awesome games in Melbourne.

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