Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Digital Music, Digital Philosophy and Digital Security Breaches

With Rose Paton, Ed Borland and Ben Finney

News of the week:
  1. Playstation network outage, and the security breach that caused it
    1. Sony wrote an interesting Q&A response
    2. How will this impactthe PS3 v XBOX 360 battle?
    3. One of the first articles this one from Tech Crunch
  1. YouTube has launched a campaign to educate users on copyright infringement. It's pretty Naff!
  2. CFO Patrick Pichette was asked about the importance of Chrome on  the company’s earnings conference call and his answer bonks was a little alarming, and a little against their "do no evil" mantra.
  3. Last week, the freshly appointed U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell gave copyright holders carte blanche to continue their profitable settlement schemes.

Interview: Frank Rodi from APRA | AMCOS on the state of the digital music industry

Rose had an extensive chat with Frank about all things digital music... From the dominance of iTunes, to combating piracy, to the changing role of record companies.

Warren Davies: Social Media

We talked extensively, and with differing opinions, about this: 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Portal 2, iphonography and Byron's Faceb0rk defection

...with Georgia, Paul and Byron

This week's podcast is up - wrap your ears around this.

The show's main feature this week was Byron's "Why I've Abandoned Facebook" discussion. We talked through the various trade-offs that users have to deal with when signing up for Facebook's service. Byron has decided that the cons outweigh the pros - what do you think? Feel free to drop us a line, as always: byteintoit (at)

We also talked about:
- iPhone 4's imminent take-over as the #1 Flickr device

- Apple has changed its ranking system for their App Store, to stop paid reviews and downloads rorting the system - more here from Ars Tecnica

-Meanwhile, Melbourne-made Skitch has been tearing up the Mac App store (without paying people to rate it up, we presume) - link

- Paul talked us through the Portal 2 release early after an ARG (more on there over at Wired); though there are a few disgruntled gamers - link

- Train Conductor was free on iPhone today - cute game, made in Oz

- Raskulls - Georgia talked us through this platformer, which has a lot of the hallmarks of Super Mario World (and in multi-player mode rivals Mario Kart for super funness).

- Byron's been playing Sword and Sworcery on the iPad - he reckons it's a beautiful little game.

- Established print journalist Jim Schembri's internet faux pas this week - Crikey talks about it here. We just feel a bit sorry for him, poor dear.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

operating lists, learning online and socially media

... with Mike, Rose and Ed

The podcast of the April 13 show is here.
General Tech News
  1. NBN announceds isps for mainland australia
  2. Dell and their data breach
  3. New Final Cut pro - where are they heading with this?
  4. Cisco to stop making Flip cameras
  5. Nintendo combats slowings sales of the Wii with mega price cut
  6. Gears of war 3 multiplayer beta
We had a couple of guests:
Social media chat with Warren and Caz. 
  1. Google Goggles and seeing the world without eyes.
  2. Social Television, Twelevision for Australia
  3. Gen Y and their connection obsession.
  4. Facebooks move into Chi

Monday, April 4, 2011

more on radiohead; music and social media

Some more info on our discussion on social media...
Radiohead's newspaper project
Oasis take it to the streets in 2009

The (amazing) Johnny Cash Project (started last year):  

Play Live With Iggy Pop campaign (2010)
Color, the new photo sharing application

Cloud Girlfriend as explained by PC Mag.