Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With Rose, Andrew, Georgia and Paul

General News:
  1. R18+ issue highlighted with Mortal Kombat and Wii Dare
  2. Linked-In blocked in China
  3. Myer opens china based store.
  4. 3DS launched in Japan. Sells lots.
  5. Playstation home revamp announced

Legal discussion:
    1. iinet wins legal appeal (Andrew)
    2. wikileaks appeal extradition 
Are we Cyborgs? Social Media discussion with Ryan Egan and Warren Davies

Gaming and Lighter news
  1. google, twitter and grammar
  2. Disney acquires social media for kids site
  3. the most expensive domain name on record
  4. stalk your crushes on facebook
  5. china vs google: china pull out of race and launch own search engine
  6. Steve Jobs denied knighthood

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