Wednesday, February 23, 2011

With Byron and Rose

General News:
  1. NBN news:
    1. labor shortage could delay roll out
    2. Brisbane scrapped talks  with UK contract company i3 to roll out fibre in Sewer system
    3. nbn recieves support from Google chair Eric Schmidt
  2. Ninentendo announces $40 games with 3ds release
  3. Sony music unlimited has a $12.99 price tag and they’re not going to pull out of itunes
  4. Web-communication proves vital in yet another disaster: christchurch earthquake
  5. Sydney public transport WIFI

Nick, John and Andy from Bluetongue entertainment about deBlob2.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

With Mike, Keren and Rose
General News:
  1. Telstra; their 4g announcement; and its effect on the NBN debate
  2. apple unveils subscriptions for ios app store
  3. sony pulling music from itunes?
  4. iphone nano rumours prolific this week
  5. nokia teaming up with microsoft
Interview: Heather Murphy from Nintendo. 3DS Launch

Keren Open Source News
  2. UshaHidi
Games and Light News 

  1. duke nucome forever  
  2. Rose has been playing double fines new game: stacking

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With Georgia, Rose and Paul
General Tech News:
  1. Australian Family Lobby in support of R18+ games rating
  2. Yesterday was Safer Internet Day: “It’s more than a game, it’s your life”
  3. Egypt forcing Vodaphone to send out propaganda texts
  4. Chrome intending to prove they’re again invincible against hackers
  5. FBI vs Anonymous heats up
  6. Facebook privacy (again) Date site imports 250k photos without permission
  7. shareholders pressuring apple to release their “shareholder plan”
  8. Wikileaks alternative Openleaks goes live

Digital Newspapers
  1. AOL buy the Huffington post for $315 million
  2. Study finds crowdsourced articles are better than single-author efforts                
  3. News Ltd launch the Daily
  4. New Look, same old Age

Other News
  1. Frank Gibeau from EA Games said in an interview this week “single player is dead”
  2. Wikileaks nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize 
  3. Latest stats: mobile phone subscriptions: 5 bil, internet use 2 bil, land line phones; 1.2 bil
  4. Googleganger is the word of the year
  5. Call of Duty Spoof nets 1.25 million dowloads
  6. Tech Etymology: how to pronounce GIF
  7. Why old (paper) books smell good. A challenge for ebooks to replicate that smell?
  8. ps2 keeps on selling
  9. catholic church approves confession app