Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vale Robert Morris, Dropbox WTF, Swipe iOS Conference, Twitter Superinjunction

This week's hosts were Georgia, Ben, and Vanessa

The podcast is available here - listen back at your leisure.

Here's what we discussed on this week's show, aired Wed 6 July on Triple R:
  • The passing of computer scientist and cryptographer Robert Morris
  • Dropbox changing its terms of service and related backlash
  • Echoprint - new open source music fingerprinting technology
  • Songkick app, as recommended by Triple R's Incoming music show, which offers tour info for your music collection
  • The Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards are now open for entries. Businesses, organisations and individuals are encouraged to enter.
  • Why it's useful if your robot vacuum has a personality
  • Aesthetically and environmentally pleasing cable ties in the shape of leaves, for organising your computer cables
Guest: Sean Woodhouse talking about the Swipe iOS conference:

Our regular social media correspondent Warren Davies, joined by Kate Hughes, talked about the superinjunctions on media in the UK and the suing of Twitter.

We also talked about News Ltd sale of MySpace (to Justin Timberlake!), and we chatted about Google+ again. Have you got your own circle of trust....?

Friday, June 10, 2011

WWDC, E3, blog evolutions and IPv6 Day

With Georgia, Paul and first-timer Dave (usually heard on To And Fro, Sunday nights on 3RRR)

On this week's show we were suffering keynote-dazzle-itis. So many evangelical WWDC and E3 sales pitches, phew.

Here's what we talked about:
  • Apple announcements: iOS 5, Lion OS X, iCloud and iMatch (Paul even had a dev version of iOS 5 on his iPad)
  • E3 reflections: where it's at for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft right now. Check out the podcast for Paul's expanded thoughts on how Sony & Microsoft are interested in putting you inside the games whereas Nintendo are interested in bringing the games out into the real world...
  • Happy world IPv6 Day! What it means, how the IPv6 testing is going
  • Hilarious app update description from Aus ‘Pocket Weather’ app: screen cap on Georgia’s tumblr here
Our regular social media dude Warren (@nottheword) dropped by, to reflect a bit on blogging and where it's at right now. He also filled us in on publishing books via facebook and some cool stuff that's going on there.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Festivals, Facebook and Firefox updates

With Rose, Paul and Mike

Gaming Discussion
  1. Mike Reviews LA Noir
  2. We talk about Portal 2
  3. "Wii 2" news
  4. Flipping R18+ (when will it end?) - also this from New Matilda.
  5. COD:MW3 first look

Interview: Twitterfest and The Emerging Writers festival with Lisa Dempster.

Social Media with Warren Davies and Stanley Johnson

We don our tin foil hats and have a chat about facebook.

  1. Twitter acquires tweet-deck
  2. Celebrity product-placement tweets - should we put up with them? And do these ads even work?
  3. Facebook quashing activism?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bitcoin, NBN update, iMacs & Thunderbolts and a software comp to make the world a better place

With Georgia, Byron, Ryan and Ben

Not into reading? Here's the podcast from the May 18 episode.

Here's what we covered this week
  1. This BitCoin thing looks interesting. We're going to keep our eyes on it.
  2. NBN launches in Armidale with the PM and other dignitaries present. Also, the CEO of NBN Co. has been a bit naughty
  3. New iMacs on the market from Apple, specs here. We discussed the new features, talking through the further lock-downs in place on replacement hard-drives etc.
  4. Apple and Google are before a US tribunal this week for capturing data quietly. We're interested to see how this plays out. Background here.
  5. Some users of Nintendo 3DS are outraged by the terms of service attached to the device. There's a protest underway: more at
Also, Professor Patrick Griffin from the University of Melbourne's Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills (ATC21S) project was our guest on the show this week. He talked to Byte's Rose Paton about a global crowdsourcing challenge to create a software module for the assessment of collaborative problem solving skills in schools. Keen to win $20,000 prize money? Check out the competition here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

When you can't see technology....

With Rose and Paul

Newsy stuff:
  1. NBN Interim satellite service
  2. Greenpeace: how dirty is your data report
  3. Google to Unveil Service to Let Users Stream Their Music
  4. Microsoft buy Skype for 8.5 billion
Feature: Technology for the vision impaired with...

Glen Morrow: Glen is a regular tripleR host and works for Vision Australia
Michael Curran: Michael is the founder of Non Visual Desktop Access: an open-source initiative for the visually impaired.

Social Media with Warren Davies and Kate Kendall

Warren talked about social media use amongst visually impaired communities.
Kate had some more general news to talk on including

  1. Zynga and Lady Gaga
  2. Six degrees of separation couch surfing
  3. EA acquisition of local indie Firemint
  4. Instagram Melbourne meetup