Friday, March 18, 2011

On this week's show...

...with Rose, Georgia and Paul

General News
  1. Townsville deemed a ‘smarter city’ and wins $400k grant
  2. "Linked in Today" launched
  3. ipad 2
    1. sales - pretty hefty.
    2. 3rd party covers already out and about
    3. ipad2 sells in Hong Kong for $1000
  4. Internet Explorer 9 launched on Monday, Microsoft says it’s better. Microsoft has also said bye bye to the Zune, says the rumour mill.
  5. Facebook party hoax has lead to arrest of NSW teen.
  6. Zynga games (farmville) raises cash for Tsunami & US Military switches off YouTube etc to conserve bandwidth for relief effort.
  7. E-book loan times reduced from libraries in the US

Dr Steffen P Walz Director, GEElab (Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory)
RMIT University

The GEElab will invent new game and entertainment visions, products, services, narratives and business models, whilst critically reflecting the role of games and entertainment in culture and how play, games, and game mechanics can be used to innovate.
At the GEElab, games will be understood as a cross-disciplinary function as well as the engine of entertainment media and Internet innovation. Practice oriented game and entertainment media research will be carried out by the way of cross-medial experimentation and an understanding of science as fiction, and not being afraid to think and design differently and speculatively. GEElab members will investigate how to “gamify“ traditionally non-linear media such as TV, film, radio, developing design strategies, narratives and service prototypes.

The Cyborgs:
  1. Crowd-sourcing ad content as shown by Should we participate or is it just unpaid work? Poptent 
  2. Path verse Instagram? The case for and against mobile photo sharing.
  3. Twitter has just told its third party client devs they’re no longer needed
Light News
  1. reaches 2 million
  2. pwn to own results
  3. Pokemon black and white
  4. Early in week the Mortal Kombat RC on appeal, but today permanently refused. Government ‘threatened’ to shake-up classifications system.
  5. PEGI respond to misleading We Dare advertising in Europe
  6. angry birds doin pretty well for itself!

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