Thursday, May 31, 2007

Byte Into It 30th May 2007

Digg - The new Microsoft Surface
The launch of Microsoft Surface marks the beginning of a new technology category and a user-interface revolution. Surface, Microsoft ’s first surface computer, provides interaction with digital content through natural hand gestures, touch and physical objects.

Sony's groundbreaking paper-thin display - Technology -

Digg - Best Firefox keyboard shorcut ever - Retrieve accidently closed tabs!

Digg - XP vs. Vista - A Tale of Framerates
We applied real world gaming scenarios to both operating systems in some of today's most popular 3D games.

Digg - Will Halo 3 Breath Life Into Halo Movie?
Peter Jackson says Halo 3 will re-build interest for the Halo movie, bringing back potential partners like 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures.

Digg - Unreal Tournament 3 release date revealed!
Unreal Tournament 3, industry insiders are now stating a September 3rd release for the US and September 28 for Europe.

Digg - Crysis Coming To Wii? Image Says Yes

Digg - Star Wars: Force Unleashed - Unleashing The Force Part 1: The New Beginning

Digg - Analyst says PS3 needs $200 price cut to recover

Peer-to-peer networks co-opted for DOS attacks | The Register

Digg - Apple Releases iTunes 7.2, Launches iTunes Plus (DRM Free)

Mac OS X exploit hits soon after Apple releases patch - Security -

Better than Google? Creator thinks so - Technology -

Top 20 Free Applications to Increase Your Productivity -

Microsoft exec: Future versions of Windows to be "fundamentally redesigned"

Microsoft/Novell agreement may exclude patent protection for Wine, OpenOffice

Topfield supports ACCC call to revise consumer policies - Hardware -

Illinois raids welfare to pay for failed video game violence legislation

Digg - Windows ‘Longhorn’ Resurrected and Available for Download

Digg - Facebook Launches Facebook Platform; They are the Anti-MySpace

Digg - Five most popular apps on Facebook

Digg - Facebook's Draconian Rules: We Own You and Your Content

Slashdot | New Jersey Sues YouTube Over Crash Video

Digg - Novell signs on to EFF patent busting project

Sony hit with patent infringement lawsuit over Blu-ray discs

New security tool converts binary Office 2003 files to open XML


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Byte Into It 23rd May 2007

35 of the Best Thunderbird Addons - have a nice list of their best 10 ‘must-have’ Thunderbird Addons, appended with 25 more that you ‘might-want’.

How to Optimize Your Desktop -
How to Optimize Your Desktop

Direct2Dell - Dell's Blog
Ubuntu 7.04 Offering—Technical Details

Slashdot | Small Webcasters Offered a Rate Break, Reject It
Music royalty collection group SoundExchange has offered an olive branch to small webcasters. They are willing to delay the exorbitant new rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board until 2010 for small webcasters in hopes that they can keep Congress from passing the Internet Radio Equality Act. Larger outfits, like Live365 and Pandora would not be affected and would have to pay the new rates.

Google launches security blog - Security -
In a continuation of its year-old effort to make the Web more secure, Google today launched a new online security blog to keep Internet users informed about security threats.

Aussie's still being scammed - Security -
Queenslanders are forking out around $500,000 a month to Nigerian email scammers.

Hoax email costs Apple US$4bn in six minutes - Internet -
An email published on a blog knocked US$4 billion off Apple's stock market valuation on Friday before it was exposed as a hoax.

Mac Rumors: Internal Investigation on Fake Apple Email
In the wake of the fake iPhone and Leopard delay rumor that hit the web on May 16th, there's been a number of stories and claims regarding the events.

Michigan man arrested for using cafe's free WiFi from his car
Michigan man arrested for using cafe's free WiFi from his car

Digg - NVIDIA 100.14.06 Linux Driver Released
NVIDIA 100.14.06 Linux Driver Released

Digg - Gmail Doubles Maximum Attachment Size to 20 MB
Gmail Doubles Maximum Attachment Size to 20 MB

BBC NEWS | Technology | Google to list top 100 searches
A feature listing the day's 100 fastest-rising search requests has been unveiled by Google.

Analysis: HDMI spec good for producers, not consumers

Microsoft trademarks logo for on-demand IPTV service

Digg - Latest AACS revision defeated a week before release

Slashdot | RIAA Seeks Royalties From Radio

Download of the Day: Colibri (not quite yet) Quicksilver for Windows - Lifehacker

Microsoft says 'EU version' of Windows Vista a dud - Operating Systems -

Digg - Did you know these basic Firefox Tips?

Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Microsoft is not the real threat
Microsoft themselves will be strong advocates against software patents.

Microsoft puts a figure on open source 'patent infringements' | The Register

Linux vouchers, Microsoft, and GPL3: separating the signal from the noise
Free Software Foundation (FSF) lawyer Eben Moglen claims that the
absence of an expiration date on SUSE vouchers distributed by Microsoft
will make Microsoft subject to terms of the GPL3

Digg - The Music Industry Wants to Kill LimeWire

Google to target ISPs with Google Apps package

Open Source product gets a facelift - Applications -
allocPSA - an open source professional service automation product – gets an upgrade.

Digg - LinuxMCE Beta 1.1 Now Available!

BBC NEWS | Business | Google wins adult photos appeal  - testdisk - open source disk utilities


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Byte Into It 15th May 2007

SuperMoviesDownload: The YouTube Virus

Official Google Blog: Why does Google remember information about searches?

Symantec: malware can hijack Windows Update, bypass firewall

Smarthouse News - 1000GB Blu-ray Recorder Announced By Hitachi

Digg - sees a whopping 46% increase in US visitors

Digg - Halo 3's multiplayer: Can it live up to the hype?

Slashdot | OLPC Project Rollout Begins In Uruguay

Slashdot | US Military Launches YouTube Channel

Digg - Apple iPhone: more secrets revealed; Mini iPhone and 3rd Party Applications

Digg - New Video of Crysis Multiplayer

NewMac Books

Green Apple

Steve gets his hands dirty

iPhone Pix?

iPhone rocking the cell phone biz

Nokia says iPhone? Cool!

YouTube ripping for Mac



Terra Transeo:

Byte Into It 15th May 2007

SuperMoviesDownload: The YouTube Virus

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Byte Into It 2nd May 2007

The Digg Rebellion

Google says a $1bn copyright action from MTV-owner Viacom against YouTube "threatens" internet use:

Computer maker Dell selects Ubuntu as operating system for its Linux-range of

On-demand video service Joost - backed by the founders of Skype - launches its
service commercially:
TV shows such as Doctor Who will be made available on-demand as the green
light is given to the BBC's iPlayer:

Top 30 mistakes made by new mac users:
Some handy mail app smart mailboxes:

10 OS X programs and tips that help you get the most out of your Apple Remote
- and all of the apps mentioned are free:

Google is very near enacting a filtering service that would prevent copyright
content from being uploaded to video-sharing site YouTube, CEO Eric Schmidt said

Apple To Grant All Labels DRM-Free Distribution:

Many Vista adopters find User Account Control irritating, but Microsoft thinks it's an approach other OSes should emulate. Ahem...

Microsoft is about to follow in Adobe's footsteps by releasing the source code to part of its Silverlight technology. The news comes less than a week after Adobe announced plans to open source the Flex SDK.

MS to sell $3 version of it's software in developing countries: