Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vale Robert Morris, Dropbox WTF, Swipe iOS Conference, Twitter Superinjunction

This week's hosts were Georgia, Ben, and Vanessa

The podcast is available here - listen back at your leisure.

Here's what we discussed on this week's show, aired Wed 6 July on Triple R:
  • The passing of computer scientist and cryptographer Robert Morris
  • Dropbox changing its terms of service and related backlash
  • Echoprint - new open source music fingerprinting technology
  • Songkick app, as recommended by Triple R's Incoming music show, which offers tour info for your music collection
  • The Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards are now open for entries. Businesses, organisations and individuals are encouraged to enter.
  • Why it's useful if your robot vacuum has a personality
  • Aesthetically and environmentally pleasing cable ties in the shape of leaves, for organising your computer cables
Guest: Sean Woodhouse talking about the Swipe iOS conference:

Our regular social media correspondent Warren Davies, joined by Kate Hughes, talked about the superinjunctions on media in the UK and the suing of Twitter.

We also talked about News Ltd sale of MySpace (to Justin Timberlake!), and we chatted about Google+ again. Have you got your own circle of trust....?

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