Friday, June 10, 2011

WWDC, E3, blog evolutions and IPv6 Day

With Georgia, Paul and first-timer Dave (usually heard on To And Fro, Sunday nights on 3RRR)

On this week's show we were suffering keynote-dazzle-itis. So many evangelical WWDC and E3 sales pitches, phew.

Here's what we talked about:
  • Apple announcements: iOS 5, Lion OS X, iCloud and iMatch (Paul even had a dev version of iOS 5 on his iPad)
  • E3 reflections: where it's at for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft right now. Check out the podcast for Paul's expanded thoughts on how Sony & Microsoft are interested in putting you inside the games whereas Nintendo are interested in bringing the games out into the real world...
  • Happy world IPv6 Day! What it means, how the IPv6 testing is going
  • Hilarious app update description from Aus ‘Pocket Weather’ app: screen cap on Georgia’s tumblr here
Our regular social media dude Warren (@nottheword) dropped by, to reflect a bit on blogging and where it's at right now. He also filled us in on publishing books via facebook and some cool stuff that's going on there.

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