Thursday, April 21, 2011

Portal 2, iphonography and Byron's Faceb0rk defection

...with Georgia, Paul and Byron

This week's podcast is up - wrap your ears around this.

The show's main feature this week was Byron's "Why I've Abandoned Facebook" discussion. We talked through the various trade-offs that users have to deal with when signing up for Facebook's service. Byron has decided that the cons outweigh the pros - what do you think? Feel free to drop us a line, as always: byteintoit (at)

We also talked about:
- iPhone 4's imminent take-over as the #1 Flickr device

- Apple has changed its ranking system for their App Store, to stop paid reviews and downloads rorting the system - more here from Ars Tecnica

-Meanwhile, Melbourne-made Skitch has been tearing up the Mac App store (without paying people to rate it up, we presume) - link

- Paul talked us through the Portal 2 release early after an ARG (more on there over at Wired); though there are a few disgruntled gamers - link

- Train Conductor was free on iPhone today - cute game, made in Oz

- Raskulls - Georgia talked us through this platformer, which has a lot of the hallmarks of Super Mario World (and in multi-player mode rivals Mario Kart for super funness).

- Byron's been playing Sword and Sworcery on the iPad - he reckons it's a beautiful little game.

- Established print journalist Jim Schembri's internet faux pas this week - Crikey talks about it here. We just feel a bit sorry for him, poor dear.

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