Wednesday, April 13, 2011

operating lists, learning online and socially media

... with Mike, Rose and Ed

The podcast of the April 13 show is here.
General Tech News
  1. NBN announceds isps for mainland australia
  2. Dell and their data breach
  3. New Final Cut pro - where are they heading with this?
  4. Cisco to stop making Flip cameras
  5. Nintendo combats slowings sales of the Wii with mega price cut
  6. Gears of war 3 multiplayer beta
We had a couple of guests:
Social media chat with Warren and Caz. 
  1. Google Goggles and seeing the world without eyes.
  2. Social Television, Twelevision for Australia
  3. Gen Y and their connection obsession.
  4. Facebooks move into Chi

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