Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Zealand relies on BGP router protocol to filter the 'Net

New Zealand's government-run Internet filtering system is now running, and two ISPs are already using the system. Seven thousand websites are on the list, most dealing with child sexual abuse, bestiality, and other illegal content, as classified by the country's official censors (you too can be a censor for a day). Such material has been illegal offline in New Zealand for years, so the expansion of the program to the Internet isn't a big surprise. But will it work?

The government runs the filter, but ISP participation remains voluntary. Currently, Maxnet and Watchdog are confirmed to be using the filter, though other ISPs are said to be interested. Maxnet CEO John Hanna explained his company's position to Computerworld New Zealand: "Filtering out child pornography is also very much in line with our company values—our customers would be disappointed to hear if we weren't participating. So participation for us has always been a no-brainer."

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