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iOS 4.2 Now Available, Brings Multitasking to iPad

iOS 4.2 Now Available, Brings Multitasking to iPad
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The latest version of Apple's mobile platform, iOS 4.2, is now available for the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

This version is especially important for iPad owners, as it brings over 100 new features from the last three version of iOS to that device, most interesting among them being support for multitasking. The feature enables users to keep several apps open at the same time and switch between them almost instantly, while preserving iPad's battery life (which Apple refers to as "legendary").

Other new features for the iPad include app folders, unified inbox, and the gaming social network Game Center. AirPlay and AirPrint are also here, with AirPlay bringing the ability to stream music, photos and video to Apple TV, and AirPrint finally enabling users to wirelessly print out content to AirPrint-enabled printers including the HP Photosmart, HP LaserJet Pro and HP Officejet.

Apple also said that iOS has 125 million users around the world, while its App Store now has more than 300,000 apps, 40,000 of them being native iPad applications.

See the full list of improvements in iOS 4.2 here, and be sure to check out our complete hands-on:

Home Screen

iOS 4.2 for iPad features the same familiar look as iOS 4.0 for the iPhone. The big new feature is Folders -- grouping of icons by category.

Multitasking Bar

Double click the home button on the iPad and scroll to the right. Just like on the iPhone, this gives you quick access to some music and app controls.

With iOS 4.2 for iPad, the screen rotation lock button on the side of the iPad has been switched to an audio mute button. That means that to lock the rotation of the screen, you need to use the new multitasking bar. We wish that we could still use the physical button, but the software button works just fine.

A nice touch for the iPad is the ability to control your brightness and control your volume. Brightness controls come in handy when reading books or magazines or playing back video. Speaking of video playback, when you are in the vicinity of an Apple TV, you can activate AirPlay from this menu too.


You can store 20 apps per folder. Just like in iOS 4.0 for the iPhone, the folders are named automatically based on what type of apps are inside, but you can also edit the name yourself.


Double tapping on the home button brings up a list of other applications you can open or switch to in iOS 4.2. Apps that support fast-app switching will let you seamlessly switch back and forth without losing your place. If you are listening to music or watching a video, the audio continues to play when you open another app.

Game Center

iOS 4.2 for iPad includes Game Center. Just like iOS 4.1 for iPhone, Game Center lets you compare scores, earn badges and play games with your friends or with a random stranger across the Internet.

Game Center Games

Game Center shows you what Game Center games you have used on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. You can compare your scores and leaderboards with your friends.

Unified Inbox

Just like iOS 4.0 for the iPhone, the iPad now has a unified inbox. You can view all your accounts at once or view each account separately.

Unified Inbox

E-mail Printing

You can now print an e-mail message to an AirPrint compatible device.


The bookmark bar in Mobile Safari has a new option: Print!


Clicking on Print will let you select your printer (AirPrint printers are auto-discovered) and select how many copies you want.

Search in Web Page

One of the new features with iOS 4.2 is that you can search for a word or phrase within a web page. Type text into the search bar and below the search suggestions is a new option: "On this Page."

Search in Web Page Results

You can find every instance of a word or phrase within a web page. The word or phrase in question is highlighted and clicking "next" will take you to the next instance of the text on the page.

Search in Web Page Results

You can find every instance of a word or phrase within a web page. The word or phrase in question is highlighted and clicking "next" will take you to the next instance of the text on the page.

Printing on the iPhone

Just like on the iPad, clicking the bookmark button in the web browser or in supported apps will bring up a new "Print" option.

Print Options iPhone

You can then select how many pages you want to print and select or search for an AirPrint compatible device on your network.

Print Landscape

Print Landscape

Search in Page iPhone

Search in Page Results iPhone

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