Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Microsoft Announces Social Aggregator

spindex_logo.pngLili Cheng, General Manager of Microsoft's Fuse Labs, announced the debut of Spindex, the company's stab at a dynamic social media aggregation tool.

Aimed at bringing together the varied strands of a personal web at each point of a user's online experience, Spindex is currently only available in a tech preview.


"Spindex...aggregates your social streams (Facebook, Twitter, Bing, etc.), making it simple for you to find what's new, see personalized trending topics, and generally make the most of the time you spend being social on the Web."

Spindex seems learns from your online behavior, harvesting relevant information to a central page. It also links to Bing search information and allows you to use Evernote, another Labs innovation, within the application.


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